Gloria Moses is a Los Angeles Artist. Her colorful oils and watercolors reflect the warm California sun. She works in several mediums, oils, watercolor, ceramics and printmaking. “She takes as her subject something as ostensibly mundane as the secret life of domestic gardens, but these gardens views burst with color and overgrowth, as if the artist is immersed, even drowning, in the foliage. Hers is a painterly approach that celebrates flourish, saving the suffusion of color and line, almost to excess-but it’s excess with a purpose. Moses gives just enough visual information to complete the picture of what we’re seeing, to give a sense of place to the house or property to which the plant life “belongs..” And yet, within those boundaries, she cuts loose, getting lost in the thickets of flowers and colorful density.” Joseph Woodward, L.A. Times.Gloria’s subject matter covers many areas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Mendecino and Michigan. She is a member of the Watercolor USA, National Watercolor Society and The National Printmaking Society and shows her work throughout the country. Her ceramic animals have unusual colors and expressions. She has a continuous following of collectors for these unusual creatures.